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Frequently Asked Questions about Framed Web Sites and Site Meter
  1. I have a framed site and just added the javascript version of Site Meter to my web page but all of the referrals are 'unknown' or only list files on my own site.

    Unfortunately, framed web sites confuse Site Meter's ability to capture the referral information. The index page of a framed site has references to the actual pages of your site and that can cause Site Meter to see your index page as the page that referred your visitor. Security features built into each browser prevent Site Meter from looking back to the original page that referred the visitor to your 'index' page in the first place.

    You may be able to get Site Meter to capture the referral information by adding some extra javascript to your page. Add the line
    <script type="text/javascript">var g_frames=true; </script>
    to the javascript you are adding to the pages of your site. It goes right before the javascript version of the Site Meter HTML in your page.

  2. I just added the javascript version of Site Meter to my web page I'm getting an 'Access Denied' error message when my page loads.

    The problem could be that your site is composed of pages from different domains. The web browser has security features built-in to stop a script in one of the frames from snooping in on information from another one of the frames. The 'snooping', in this case, is Site Meter trying to determine the referral information for your visitor.

    To be able to use the javascript version of Site Meter, both your frame page and the page containing the Site Meter counter must to be from the same domain.

    For example: your index page can't be at while the page with the counter is at

  3. All the pages for my framed site are on the same domain but it still doesn't work. It still gives me that error message. Why doesn't it work?  

    If your index page and web page are from the same domain but are on different subdomains (for example, the index page is at and one of the frame pages is at you can still use the JavaScript version of Site Meter but you must to add a line to each of the pages. This line goes in BOTH your frame page and the page that contains the Site Meter counter. This will relax the security check when the Site Meter JavaScript goes to look for the referral information. It tells the browser that the two web pages trust each other because they are from the same domain.

    This is the line you must add. Replace MYDOMAIN.COM with common top domain for your two pages.

    <script>document.domain = "MYDOMAIN.COM";</script>

    Place it at the top of your HTML page, after any <HEAD> tags, before any other <SCRIPT> tags and before the <BODY> tag.

    Here is a link that talks a little more about the problem.

  4. The index and frame pages for my site are at different domains. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the error?

    The only think you can do is move your pages to one domain or the other so they all are published from the same domain OR use the non-javascript version of Site Meter.

  5. Where does the Site Meter HTML go on a framed site?

    You should add Site Meter to every page that you want to track on your site. Do not add it to the index page.  Usually a framed site has one HTML page for the the menu. If you just add it to the menu page, you will only find out the number of visitors to your site and not the number of pages viewed, the exit pages, the visit duration, or the page view duration. In addition, most of the visits will show that only one page was viewed. That is because the menu page is normally only loaded once during a visit. Site Meter treats any pages that do not have your Site Meter counter on them as pages from another site and will not record their visit to those pages.

  6. I don't use frames on my pages but I've got a site on a free host. They put a menu across the top of my page in a separate frame that doesn't scroll when my page scrolls .

    NBCi, Xoom and AOL are examples of hosts that may do this. Even though your page doesn't use frames, your host does and that is causing the same frame security problems that are listed previously. In addition, most of the free URL redirection and URL 'keeper' services do this. About the only solution there is to this problem is to switch to the non-javascript version of Site Meter.

  7. How can I tell if my site is a framed site on different domains?

    Go to your web page using the Netscape browser (Internet Explorer does not report this information). Under the 'View' menu, select "Page Info". A window will be displayed showing all the images and HTML pages for your URL. If your site uses frames, they will be shown here too. Look at each of the frames pages that are listed. If the frames have different subdomains in the URL ( then you have the problem described previously.
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