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This report lists the referring URLs of the most recent visits to the site. This allows you to see how people are finding the site. These could be links from other sites, e-mail messages (read in a browser), search engines, banner ads, or news groups.

'unknown' is displayed when the user typed the URL directly in their browser (and so wasn't referred from another site), when a browser fails to report from where a visitor was referred for security reasons OR referrals from a link in an email message (not read in a web browser). Also, if you are a member of a popup (or pop-under) site exchange, your site is usually displayed in one frame of a 'framed' site on the exchange's domain. When your site is displayed in the frame, there isn't a referral. In addition, the frame security built into each web browser will usually block any referral information telling what referred the visitor to the exchange member's site. Here is a page that talks more about Site Meter and framed sites.

NOTE: If all your referrals are 'unknown', you are probably using the non-javascript version of the Site Meter HTML on your site. You'll need to use the javascript version to capture the referrals of your visitors. You can get the javascript version by logging into your account on Site Meter and going here.

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