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 1  xxx sex war gaza movise< 0.1%
 1  women and their contributors< 0.1%
 1  why? is obama hiding hiding his past< 0.1%
 1  why no air support marcus lattrel< 0.1%
 1  why has the world gone to hell< 0.1%
 1  what's going on with obama?< 0.1%
 1  what year did barak obama chane his name< 0.1%
 1  what is it called when you steal money from your employer< 0.1%
 1  what does murphy say to marcus in lone survivor< 0.1%
 1  what does a blow job cost in pasadena< 0.1%
 1  what did the old man say in lone survivor< 0.1%
 1  was barack obama adopted by soetoro?< 0.1%
 1  uber, john batchelor< 0.1%
 1  u.s.a sex net.< 0.1%
 1  tsa can go shit in pants youtube< 0.1%
 1  the legend marcus luttrell< 0.1%
 1  the 4th amendment and home foreclosures< 0.1%
 1  spot report homicide(sample)< 0.1%
 1  soldier..mexico jail< 0.1%
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Each search word is linked to the last referring url for that word.

The line "Not referred from a search engine" is the number of page views that were not the result of a search engine referral.

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