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 1  what happened to ann barnhardt< 0.1%
 1  what does the old man say on lone survivor< 0.1%
 1  what does scam survior mean< 0.1%
 1  what did the young afghan boy ... marcus at the end of lone sur< 0.1%
 1  went went wrong with coms in lone survivor< 0.1%
 1  virginia kentucky< 0.1%
 1  usa fuck movie< 0.1%
 1  us current affairs< 0.1%
 1  understand and explain in gene...rol of land and things on land< 0.1%
 1  trina bachtel lie< 0.1%
 1  story survivors who were captured by terrorist< 0.1%
 1  robin williams was an asshole< 0.1%
 1  real lone survivor footage< 0.1%
 1  psychopropioception< 0.1%
 1  operation red wings tactical mistakes< 0.1%
 1  old goestyour< 0.1%
 1  obsmas climste chsnge bullshit< 0.1%
 1  obamas an asshole< 0.1%
 1  obamacare left criticism< 0.1%
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