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 1  whos taking randi rhodes radio slot< 0.1%
 1  who is barry soweto< 0.1%
 1  who claimed that obama was the smartest president ever elected< 0.1%
 1  when was obama barry< 0.1%
 1  when did bill clinton go to no...ea to arrange prisoner release< 0.1%
 1  when did barry soetoro become barack obama< 0.1%
 1  whats really happening in usa< 0.1%
 1  what was barry's last name before becoming obama< 0.1%
 1  what makes hillary clinton crazy< 0.1%
 1  what is the social problem of the title 2 old age act< 0.1%
 1  what is it called when you steal money from your employer< 0.1%
 1  what is happening with the soldier in mexico prison?< 0.1%
 1  what incident was lone servivor based on< 0.1%
 1  what happens when a chopper was shot down vietnam war< 0.1%
 1  what happens at high school dances< 0.1%
 1  what guns did they use in lone survivor< 0.1%
 1  what does the elder taliban su...y in the mountain on lone surv< 0.1%
 1  what does old man say in lone survivor< 0.1%
 1  what does it mean to say there is beauty in god's handwriting?< 0.1%
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