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Referring Keywords Ranked by Visit Length
Visit LengthSearch WordsShare
 446:09:28  Not referred from a search engine97.7%
 1:32:15  secret society of friends by h...dream) and kean soo (jellaby).0.3%
 1:16:31  another story bookshop0.3%
 1:05:29  police station no 4 toronto0.2%
 45:39  john boyne why write historical fiction0.2%
 45:26  interview with yocoub by butcher circulation0.2%
 30:09  christopher butcher interview0.1%
 27:20  david eddie sensitive smart sane< 0.1%
 22:33  the book of negroes oprah< 0.1%
 19:58  what is the writing style of shane peacock< 0.1%
 16:12  why john boyne choose to write the book< 0.1%
 15:12  joe hill interview< 0.1%
 15:10  obom drawn and quarterly< 0.1%
 15:08  someone knows my name themes< 0.1%
 15:07  murdoch mysteries police station location< 0.1%
 15:05  randall maggs native< 0.1%
 10:21  kim beatty canada book bank< 0.1%
 7:17  oprah and book of negroes< 0.1%
 5:29  andy brown conundrum presss< 0.1%
 3:34  how is dr ogdens hair styled< 0.1%
 3:11  a nice tecovety climax susan juby< 0.1%
 2:40  research topics and the novel someone knows my name< 0.1%
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This report ranks the search words used on search engines that generate the most time spent browsing your site.

Based on the data for the last 4,000 visitors, it ranks referring search words by the total visit length of those visitors.

The visit lengths shown in the report are total minutes and seconds (HH:MM:SS).

The line "Not referred from a search engine" is the total visit length of visits that were not the result of a search engine referral.

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