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This shows the locations of your site’s recent visitors on a live push-pin map of the world.
  • Each circle on the map is one visit to your site. I’ve color coded the points based on how recent the visit was. A red point is the latest visitor, a green point is one of the last 10 visitors and the white points are all the rest.
  • If you move the mouse cursor over each of the points, the domain and location of the visitor will pop up.
  • Clicking on the point will drill-down to the visit detail report just like the other recent visitor reports, and you can return to the map by clicking on the “by World Map” link in the header of the visit detail report.
  • You can pick how many of the recent visitors to show on the map (from 1 to 500) by clicking on one of the selections in the “Recent Visits” list below the map.
  • Clicking on one of the map links below the map will zoom in on that particular country or continent. That can help in distinguishing individual visits when you have a lot from the same country or when they are mostly from the same location.
  • Day/Night is an optional mode showing where it is currently day and night on the earth.
  • To turn on zooming, first click on the “Zoom” link below the map. Some additional buttons will show up at the bottom of the map. Click on the “+” magnifying glass to zoom in and the “-” magnifying glass to zoom out. The arrow buttons will pan the map up/down/left/right. You can also zoom in by clicking on the map and dragging to mark the area on which you want to zoom. The map will let you zoom in close, but it does start to get grainy if you zoom in too close. There are also some keyboard buttons you can use, but first, you have to click on the map with the mouse. The ‘Z’ key will zoom in, the ‘A’ key will zoom out and the arrow buttons will pan the map.
  • The map will also update itself automatically. Each minute, the map will connect back to the Site Meter server to get an updated list of the site’s recent visitors and update the points on the map. The amount of information sent to the browser with each minute’s update is fairly small, but if you are viewing the map over a dial-up connection and the update is a little slow, try selecting a smaller number of recent visits to view on the map. That will decrease the amount of information needed to update the map.

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