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Referring Search Words Ranked by Page Views
Page ViewsSearch WordsShare
 5,008  Not referred from a search engine97.2%
 5  what part of speech is the< 0.1%
 4  what does hand under the chin flick mean?< 0.1%
 3  note on polarisation in english language< 0.1%
 3  female< 0.1%
 3  diagram sociolinguistic< 0.1%
 2  which countryhas the longest name in the world< 0.1%
 2  what part of speech is "the"< 0.1%
 2  what part of speach is the< 0.1%
 2  what is idea density< 0.1%
 2  riau language< 0.1%
 2  origins of the name redskins< 0.1%
 2  longest name of cuontry in the world< 0.1%
 2  kahones in hawaiian< 0.1%
 2< 0.1%
 2  examples of masculine and feminine< 0.1%
 2  do pennsylvanians still say bumbershoot?< 0.1%
 2  different word,forms and lexemes< 0.1%
 1  yeah, no< 0.1%
 1  xxxx parroe< 0.1%
 1  words spoken per day< 0.1%
 1  why most people cannot learn languages< 0.1%
 1  whom shall i say is calling< 0.1%
 1  whom do you believe your eyes or my words< 0.1%
 1  who are you going to believe your lying eyes or me< 0.1%
 1  where did the term redskins originate< 0.1%
 1  what type of speech the is< 0.1%
 1  what south american country speaks portuguese< 0.1%
 1  what part of speech is the word the< 0.1%
 1  what kind of fur was cinderella shoes made of< 0.1%
 1  what is the meaning of we spa... asked for no mercy ourselves?< 0.1%
 1  what figure of speech is plot thickens, the< 0.1%
 1  what does cow mean in a courtroom< 0.1%
 1  washington redskins name origin< 0.1%
 1  was the slipper glass or fur< 0.1%
 1  up with which i will not put churchill quote< 0.1%
 1  to those who much is given much is expected kennedy< 0.1%
 1  to not versus not to< 0.1%
 1  this restaurant is opened or opens< 0.1%
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Based on the data for the last 4,000 visitors, it ranks referring search words by the number of pages the referred visitors viewed.

Each search word is linked to the last referring url for that word.

The line "Not referred from a search engine" is the number of page views that were not the result of a search engine referral.

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