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Outside the Beltway
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 112:49:41  Not referred from a search engine99.0%
 15:49  trump poll numbers todaybing.com0.2%
 6:42  cher nude< 0.1%
 6:05  hispanic assimilatio...challenge in the< 0.1%
 5:34  cost of obama< 0.1%
 4:37  "garfield isn't funny"< 0.1%
 4:00  broadway bares/equit...hts aids"paige< 0.1%
 3:54  list of 100< 0.1%
 3:34  outside the< 0.1%
 3:14  good guys< 0.1%
 2:40  lt col< 0.1%
 2:20  most important think...out their< 0.1%
 2:17  what countries have the death< 0.1%
 1:04  newscasters< 0.1%
 0:58  bill oreilly law< 0.1%
 0:55  wonk's< 0.1%
 0:52  cher< 0.1%
 0:33  cher nsfw< 0.1%
 0:32  google drive ana loesch< 0.1%
 0:00  zell miller was told...t party, not georgiabing.com0.0%
 0:00  why was jfk a bad presidentbing.com0.0%
 0:00  why trump shuldnt pu...on muslim
 0:00  why community than a universitybing.com0.0%
 0:00  who did obama did an...utive agreement withbing.com0.0%
 0:00  what is the average of a north koreanbing.com0.0%
 0:00  what is it like bein...a veteran in collegebing.com0.0%
 0:00  what does it mean wh...ars a black braceletbing.com0.0%
 0:00  was booker t washington beaten to
 0:00  understall signalsbing.com0.0%
 0:00  trump's poll numbers todaybing.com0.0%
 0:00  trumps poll numbersbing.com0.0%
 0:00  trumps hairbing.com0.0%
 0:00  trump poll numbersbing.com0.0%
 0:00  trump and latin americabing.com0.0%
 0:00  the%2search.myway.com0.0%
 0:00  the redest statedogpile.com0.0%
 0:00  texas 10% admissionbing.com0.0%
 0:00  terrorist plots detroit areabing.com0.0%
 0:00  springstein farmerbing.com0.0%
 0:00  should washington dc be a statebing.com0.0%
 0:00  sexy cheerleaders having
 0:00  self identified voters by partybing.com0.0%
 0:00  scarlett johansson a...htly nyde
 0:00  samuel huntington wi...come your own nationbing.com0.0%
 0:00  samuel huntington wi...ome your own nationbing.com0.0%
 0:00  russinan ecm shuts down aegisbing.com0.0%
 0:00  rush limbaugh marta
 0:00  religion by statesearch.myway.com0.0%
 0:00  reagan democrat or republicanbing.com0.0%
 0:00  psychology view on bunny/tooth fairybing.com0.0%
 0:00  pronunciation around coutnrybing.com0.0%
 0:00  pete dawkins childhoodgoogle.com0.0%
 0:00  percentage of incumb...of senate since 1945bing.com0.0%
 0:00  panther cheerleaders...ght bathroom lesbiandogpile.com0.0%
 0:00  pamela rogers xxx
 0:00  operation greenupbing.com0.0%
 0:00  olivia de havilland still alivebing.com0.0%
 0:00  obama affairfrontpage.pch.com0.0%
 0:00  nude teacherbing.com0.0%
 0:00  nude pictures of
 0:00  nfl players measurablesbing.com0.0%
 0:00  news reporter half nude
 0:00  neil armstrong on the moongoogle.com0.0%
 0:00  national debt increase under george bushbing.com0.0%
 0:00  margaret thatcher ro...cess to this speech?bing.com0.0%
 0:00  majors that dont consume too much timebing.com0.0%
 0:00  live separate lives and remain
 0:00  list of military base closures 2017bing.com0.0%
 0:00  lawsuits against bill oriellywindowssearch.com0.0%
 0:00  karate is still alivebing.com0.0%
 0:00  is it required for p... to show their taxesbing.com0.0%
 0:00  is it law that a pre...s to show his taxes?
 0:00  is "who goes there" public domainbing.com0.0%
 0:00  intentinallly e-mail... party is it a crimebing.com0.0%
 0:00  implications of not or outside usbing.com0.0%
 0:00  if a woman goes to a... the baby illegal
 0:00  husband's divorce la...opied on all
 0:00  how much do alcoholics drink a daybing.com0.0%
 0:00  how many seats in th...or democrats in
 0:00  how many people work in the car industrybing.com0.0%
 0:00  how have political platforms evolvedbing.com0.0%
 0:00  how have political p...ty platforms changedbing.com0.0%
 0:00  hold your pee to win a wiibing.com0.0%
 0:00  hillary clinton showing some cleavagebing.com0.0%
 0:00  health care constraintsbing.com0.0%
 0:00  has cher ever posed nude?
 0:00  hamas voted into the governmentbing.com0.0%
 0:00  general died recentlybing.com0.0%
 0:00  furthest poibyd in texasbing.com0.0%
 0:00  federal employees, h... can they stay on adbing.com0.0%
 0:00  ebola virus happened...he same time of whatbing.com0.0%
 0:00  donald trumps clothi...g line is made
 0:00  does the president h... to reveal his taxesdogpile.com0.0%
 0:00  does a president hav... release tax returnsbing.com0.0%
 0:00  do men act unfriendl... to women they like?bing.com0.0%
 0:00  did dick chenye and ...r nixon and reagan ?bing.com0.0%
 0:00  democracy and apolitical militarybing.com0.0%
 0:00  dana loesch bikini
 0:00  current military gen...ident trumps cabinetfrontpage.pch.com0.0%
 0:00  current leaders of socialismbing.com0.0%
 0:00  cost of a loaf off b...gallon of gas in2017ask.com0.0%
 0:00  coach krzyzewski, laker offerbing.com0.0%
 0:00  closed army post for salebing.com0.0%
 0:00  cilantro sucksgoogle.ro0.0%
 0:00  cher toplessgoogle.com0.0%
 0:00  cher porn
 0:00  cher picsbing.com0.0%
 0:00  cher nude
 0:00  cher nudemsxml.excite.com0.0%
 0:00  castro's hearsebing.com0.0%
 0:00  can daytime running ...left on during nightbing.com0.0%
 0:00  brit hume's daughter virginia humebing.com0.0%
 0:00  bad poll numbers for trumpbing.com0.0%
 0:00  average north korean soldierbing.com0.0%
 0:00  average family size 1950bing.com0.0%
 0:00  arrested for taking ...ures of cheerleadersbing.com0.0%
 0:00  andrea sues bill oreillybing.com0.0%
 0:00  americans are losersbing.com0.0%
 0:00  american values surv...e over death penaltyeasybib.com0.0%
 0:00  al franken votes fou... in a trunk of a carbing.com0.0%
 0:00  abu musab al-zarqawi captured by pfcbing.com0.0%
 0:00  ?what concerns do open to workers?bing.com0.0%
 0:00  a military case that was decided by rankbing.com0.0%

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