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What's My Codename(s)?

If you've forgotten your codename, here are a few options for retrieving it:

  1. If you have already placed the Site Meter code on your site you should be able to mouse cursor over the counter on your web site. Your codename will be displayed on the status bar at the bottom of your browser. It'll look something like;

  2. If you are using an Invisible Site Meter Counter you can right click on your page and select “View Source”. Click on the source code page, press and hold the “ctrl” key then press the “F” key. This should open a dialog box named “Find”. Enter the term “site=” and press the “Find Next” button. After pressing the button you should see the term site= highlighted. You should see your codename immediately following the site= term (e.g. sm2sitemeter).

  3. If you still can’t locate your codename enter the email address you used when signing up for your Site Meter account. Your codename(s) will be sent to that email address.

Enter Your Email

IMPORTANT NOTE – If you did not receive an email from Site Meter with your account information please check all your email inboxes including Spam inboxes. Sometimes automatically generated emails can be flagged as Spam.

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