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Site Summary
  Average Per Day607  
  Average Visit Length0:22  
  Last Hour27  
  This Week4,246  
  Average Per Day691  
  Average Per Visit1.1  
  Last Hour33  
  This Week4,839  

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This report lists the total number of visits, average number of visits per day (visits this week / 7), the average length of a visit this week, the number of visitors today, the number of visits this week (not including today), the number of page views, the number of page views per visit this week, the average number of page views per day (page views this week / 7 ), the number of page views today, and the number of page views this week (not including today). The 'week' time period on which these are based is the previous 7 days (not including today) and does not start on any particular day of the week. The 'week' time period will change each day.

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